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Dec. 28, 2017

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Money and advice for 2018 forestry projects

This is a short update from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources about private forests. We hope this information will help you manage, protect and enjoy your forest.

Money and advice. Do you have projects in your woods that you want to tackle in 2018 but aren’t sure how to go about it or even how to pay for them? The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) wants to give you money and advice to help. NRCS staff will connect you with foresters for professional advice and then pay to get things done, usually paying about 75 percent of expected costs.

What kind of projects? The NRCS has a big cookbook of “conservation practices” that will help do all kinds of cool things in your woods. You can improve wildlife habitat, expand trail networks for better recreation, protect a shoreline from erosion, install a culvert to get across a creek, improve fish habitat, plant new trees, kill bad plants, plant flowers for bees and butterflies, remove diseased trees or even do a prescribed burn. And lots more!

What’s first? You need to make a plan. Landowners need their own custom forest management plan like a Forest Stewardship Plan, Tree Farm Plan, or NRCS Conservation Activity Plan to guide projects. A professional forester will write a plan to identify ways to make improvements in your woods based on your goals. If you already have a plan, now is a good time to get started on your 2018 projects.

Is there paperwork? Yep. You must apply at a local NRCS Service Center for this funding and can do so any time of the year. However, there is a big stack of applications already, so NRCS staff are going to review all applications submitted by January 19, 2018, to rank them for funding in 2018. It’s important to visit your local NRCS office very soon to submit the application before the deadline. If you miss the January 19 deadline for 2018, start planning now for bigger and better projects in 2019.

Forest facts. Did you know that Michigan has 20 million acres of forest but 25 million acres of water? Michigan is responsible for 45 percent of the Great Lakes, which accounts for 24 million acres of Michigan’s surface water. The state’s 10,759 inland lakes make up the remaining one million acres of surface water.

Important dates:

Dec. 31: Deadline to file the Qualified Forest Program Affidavit for lower property taxes in 2018.

Jan. 19: Deadline to apply to the NRCS for money and advice in 2018.

Jan. 26: American Tree Farm System Field Day in Gladwin County.

April 1: Deadline to apply for the Commercial Forest Program for lower property taxes in 2019.

Questions?  For more information about programs available to assist private forest landowners, or to find the DNR service forester in your area, go to or contact Mike Smalligan, the DNR’s forest stewardship coordinator, at 517-284-5884 or

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