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Posted on 02.04.2014 Under Legislative

Legislative Report for MSTA Judy Augenstein, visit this Legislative Consultant February 2014

A new twist on expanding term limits…

Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville (R-Monroe) will be term limited out of  the Legislature after 2014, but he wants to create a “work around” for term  limits that will help those who come after him. “I would like to look at some  way to modify term limits and make sure that it does not affect those of us that  are term limited this year, so it is not self serving and intended to extend my  career. I would have the implementation date be after the filing deadline of  this year, said Richardville, in a recent interview.   Speaker of the House Jase  Bolger (R-Marshall) is also term limited after 2014, but has not yet embraced  the Richardville plan.

As far as leaving his mark on term limits, Richardville said he believes it is  one thing that would leave the institution better off and would involve the  voters. His proposal would require the same number of signatures that are  required for a recall election. If a member is a term limited legislator and  gathers the same number of signatures in their district that wanted him to run  again, they would be able to run again. The number of signatures needed for a  recall election is 25 percent of the total vote for governor in the most recent  election in that district. The plan would stay away from putting specific dates  or years on term limits. The plan would also make sure legislators who wanted to  be elected again were in touch with their districts and putting time in with  constituents. It would also solve the problem people face when they say they  like term limits, but they also like their current legislator. Richardville  contends that not including the current crop of term limited legislators could  push the proposal forward. The plan would have to go before the voters for  approval.

Representative Andrea LaFontaine (R-Columbus Township), chair, House Natural  Resources Committee has agreed to schedule for debate HB 4874, sponsored by Rep.  Ken Goike (R-Ray Township). We fondly refer to the bill as the “2025/choice  bill. The measure will eliminate the ban on storage facilities by 2025 and allow  haulers to haul to the receiving facility of their choice. Goike has also been  requested by the DNR to sponsor legislation to require a statewide sanitary  code. The DEQ will present Goike with a proposed draft which he will consider  and “tweak” to provide a balanced bill. The statewide sanitary code proposal  will not be considered until the 2025/choice bill is addressed.

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