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M.V.A. Enterprises, Inc. is owned by Mark and Tina Anderson of Felch, MI, which is in Northern Dickinson County in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Mark is President of the company and his wife, Tina, and daughter-in-law, Fawn Anderson, run the office. Mark began logging in 1981 with a John Deere 1010 with a Gafner 30 loader and a Husqvarna Power Saw.

The business has grown over the past 36 years and it now runs 7 harvesting crews which include his 3 sons’ businesses; Steve Anderson Forest Products, who operates a John Deere 1270 Harvester and a Komatsu 840.4 Forwarder; David Anderson Tree Harvesting, who operates a Komatsu 931 Harvester; and Jim Anderson Timber Harvesting, who also operates a Komatsu 931 Harvester.

Mark owns three Komatsu harvesters, three Komatsu forwarders, a logging truck, one bull dozer, an excavator, and a couple dump trucks. In addition to hard working, dedicated family members, Mark has 9 other employees who work very hard and are the backbone of our company’s success. M.V.A. is dedicated to running an honest, reliable company. Mark is a man of his word. He meets with landowners and foresters in person to make sure the timber harvesting contracts are clear, accurate, and understood by both parties. M.V.A. Enterprises believes in harvesting timber so the land owners can prosper from their property, while maintaining a healthy thriving forest.

Mark would like to see M.V.A. Enterprises, Inc. continue to grow and keep up with the times and new harvesting technology. After Mark’s three sons showed an interest in harvesting timber, he realized that his business was not going to end with his retirement, so he began expanding and updating his equipment. He believes that a smooth running operation is a safe and prosperous one. M.V.A. is a family owned operation….a family that cares about its community and its forests. He hopes his business is around for years to come so that his grandchildren may someday work to be a part of its success.

As Steven Jobs once said, “If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” No one person can take credit for a prosperous business. It takes a team of dedicated, hardworking, honest people. M.V.A. Enterprises has been blessed with many who have attributed to it’s success.

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